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Udbhata Technologies

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  • Qoris® ERM

    Qoris® ERM is a highly differentiated risk management software for the non-financial sector. With first in class features such as the Peer Analyzer, Qoris® ERM provides a compelling value offering with the ability to help Clients succeed. Qoris® ERM can be experienced in three variants Qoris® ERM Differentiate 1.0 and Qoris® ERM Comply.

    More Information » qoris.io

    Qoris® ERM
  • Qoris® Lite

    Similar feature set as Qoris® ERM Comply. For smaller Organizations

    -Web only version

    -Self-service mode

    -Limited Units/Users

    (Coming soon)

    Qoris® Lite



  • Anand Sampath
    Anand Sampath

    Udbhata Technologies
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    Subrat Swain

    Manager | Branding & Marcom
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